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FIFA World Cup 2018 to be Played on Natural and Artificial Grass

The World Cup is the competition Football fans look forward to every four years. Regardless of the big build up and placing all our faith into England, we are able to see quality football and admire the incredible talent each footballer provides to the tournament.

Russia are hosting the event, and have decided to create history – the World Cup final will be played on a mixture of artificial and natural grass.

FIFA and Russia decided that having an artificial pitch has more benefits than an ordinary grass pitch. With the amount of players competing in Russia throughout the World Cup, the pitch has to be able withstand trauma and many matches – artificial grass makes this happen.

Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow

Lifespan – Due to the amount of football being played on the surface, the artificial grass used for this physical sport has to be able to withstand the activity. The artificial grass can drain more effectively than normal grass pitches, while having a lifespan of three times longer.

Safety – One bonus of using artificial grass is the evenness and softness of the surface. This will minimize injuries when players fall over and the surface will be easier to run on without straining the muscles.

Improving the game – Instead of the pitches becoming slippery in some areas and patchy in others, the players will not be struck with many surprises; resulting in the match flowing.

Modern Day – Technology is ever changing, and Russia and FIFA have adapted. The surface might seem new and different now, but in a few years; artificial pitches will be the norm – especially in countries that suffer from drastic amounts of rain.

According to Inside The Games, the stadium is expanding to fit 81,000 people, and the surface should be ready to be played on for May 2017, just in time for the Confederations Cup.

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