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Bring Back Your Weekends

The hectic months are coming fast. Halloween is this month, Bonfire next and with Christmas approaching before our eyes, you will feel a two-day weekend is not enough time to fit in all your errands!

One time consuming and draining task to many households is the upkeep of the garden. In order to escape the weekly chore of maintaining your garden to a perfect standard, many people have decided to choose artificial grass. Having an artificial lawn has grown in popularity throughout the last few years; here’s why.

  1. Time/ Stress

Having a garden that looks a luscious shade of green, perfect length and no patches missing can be very hard to maintain. When you have visitors or you are hosting a party, instead of being worried that your guests will see your untidy lawn, you can finally show off your garden if you choose artificial grass. The upkeep and maintenance is kept to a minimum, which ultimately means you can spend your spare time relaxing instead of pushing a lawn mower up and down the garden.

  1. Money

If the stress and effort of maintaining your lawn makes you feel the need to appoint a gardener; they do not come cheap! Even if you are able to tackle your lawn, the cost of a lawnmower, fertilisers and other necessity gardening tools soon add up. With artificial grass, you have one payment and AGD’s grass offer a five year guarantee, plus the grass can last up to 20 years!

  1. Variety

Everybody has a different taste and opinion when it comes to the colour, length and texture of artificial grass, which is why AGD make sure we have a variety to choose from. Also, each artificial grass has different benefits depending on your primary objective – Whether you seek a soft surface for children to play on, stand out from the crowd with luxury grass or a fun and exciting colourful  grass to use indoors or outdoors; your options are endless!

All of AGD’s grass is safe for animals and children to play on and stays in pristine condition all year round. Get in touch with a member of the team to learn more!