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Bring a Festival to Your Back Garden

The summer is when the majority of Brits either go to festivals or talk about upcoming/ past festivals; it doesn’t matter if you went or not, you will hear the words ‘Glastonbury,’ ‘V-Festival,’ or ‘Park Life’ at least once.

The majority of festivals have taken place, some in dry weather and others in torrential rain, but who’s to say you can not create your own festival? Instead of spending the weekend in unpredictable weather, surrounded by strangers, why not bring the music to your back garden?

You can either opt for a karaoke party and place a stage at the back of your garden and plug speakers into the microphone so everybody can sing along, or you can play music off iTunes and use the stage as a dance floor. This is a cheap option as the only entertainment money you will be spending is on a stage, speakers and microphone.

Secondly, you can hire entertainment for your party or a local band. Many singers professionally impersonate well-known artists and have charisma and talent to keep your guests interested! This is a great add-on to a garden party, and also a great surprise if you manage to keep who the guest performer is a secret!

Instead of spending the day before the party mowing the lawn and making your garden look presentable to guests, why not opt for artificial grass? The grass looks perfect all year round, and you avoid the risk of young children trailing mud through your home. You will be able to spend your time relaxing and food and drink shopping instead of trying to fix the uneven patches on your lawn!

Even though artificial grass can withstand rain and still look brand new, we advise you to have a gazebo if rain is forecast. This way your guests will stay dry and can enjoy the entertainment without holding onto an umbrella.

Remember… If you live close to your neighbours, ask for their permission and invite them to your party!