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Be The Envy of Your Neighbours with AGD!

When it comes to creating a little ‘lawn envy’ amongst the neighbours, gardeners often go above and beyond the standard level of lawn care.

Firing up the lawn mower isn’t the half of it – there’s trimming the grass to the right height, irrigating it with the correct amount of water and fertilising it at the appropriate time (amongst other jobs!) All of which require a great deal of spare time, money and dedication – something most of us don’t have! But fear not, creating a perfect looking lawn is easy with a little AGD…!

There’s no doubt that installing artificial grass equals a great looking garden and with AGD, the only work you have to do to be the envy of all your neighbours is to pick the right range for you!

Many of us are running busy lives with demanding careers, families and jam-packed schedules. If you are envious of all the spare time the neighbours have to mow the lawn, Supergrass is for you. Using a blend of different green piles and a light brown dense thatch, this mid-range artificial turf produces an exceptionally realistic, ‘recently mown’ look. Ideal for busy homeowners who simply don’t have time to mow!

Or maybe you’re after the appearance of a luxury show garden to make neighbours stop and stare? Luxury Club is simply top of the range, boasting a whole host of classy features to make it stand out from the crowd. This turf contains multi-coloured memory pile to reduce flattening and has a complex chocolate brown curly thatch structure, both of which add to its exceptionally realistic look.

Looking to create a garden playground that’s the envy of all the kids on your street? Let your imagination run wild and build your family’s playground on top of the hardwearing Play 24/7. This robust range is a real favourite for children’s play areas and family gardens. The thick thatch makes it a dense choice of grass and the Bi-colours give it a truly authentic look. Kids can play all day on Play 24/7 without the worry of mud, mess or maintenance.

Still not found what you’re looking for? Check out all the other ranges available now from the AGD shop.