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Champion 50
Champion 50 corner


Champion 50

£22.68 (inc. VAT)

Our most luxurious grass ever! Champion really does take the title of our best-ever grass due to its impres...

adventure tennis



£20.74 (inc. VAT)

A cost-effective sports surface that combines a fantastic playing surface and a high-quality product with a...

Blackthorn Corner



£12.23 (inc. VAT)

Blackthorn was originally only used by our retail customers and we're now making this fantastic artificial ...



£5.50 (inc. VAT)

This is a unique product with a multidirectional pile and light brown thatch. A good all-rounder at 30mm in...

Garden Fresh Above LR
Garden Fresh Corner 2 LR


Garden Fresh

£21.30 (inc. VAT)

An innovation in artificial grass, Garden Fresh is unique due to its varying pile heights creating the ulti...

Spiral Above LR 2
Spiral Corner LR



£14.82 (inc. VAT)

Previously a Retail exclusive, this 32mm, natural-looking artificial grass includes the latest technology a...

S Side LR
Spring Above



£15.80 (inc. VAT)

Spring is a mid-ranged artificial grass, perfect for anyone looking for a low-maintenance solution without ...

Eco 28 above 1 LR
Eco 28 corner 1 LR


Go Green 28

£21.30 (inc. VAT)

Go Green 28 is an extra special artificial grass. With a woven polymer backing that is made from the same m...

Challenger above LR
Challenger 24mm Side LR


Challenger 24

£22.40 (inc. VAT)

Challenger 24 is a sand-filled artificial grass. The sand-filled element is intended to give the surface a ...

Extreme A LR
Extreme pitch



£22.50 (inc. VAT)

Extreme is a 3G Sports Surface designed to include a rubber crumb in-fill and primarily made for football. ...

Stadia 24mm Side LR
Filby Low Res 1


Stadia 24

£29.60 (inc. VAT)

Stadia 24 is a next-generation artificial grass sports surface. The product includes a unique curled monofi...

colours 2019 square 2
Cathedral Gardens Edited Aerial Image (1)


Rainbow Range – Coloured Artificial Grass

£18.50 (inc. VAT)

Coloured artificial grass is the perfect way to create a backyard that is both beautiful and inviting. With...

Useful Information


If you love grass but don’t want the mess, mud and maintenance, Artificial Grass Direct has the perfect grass for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does fake grass last?

Artificial turf will give you up to 20 years of maintenance-free life depending on the volume of traffic in the area. Fake grass won’t fade or flatten. It is UV stabilised and will retain its colour and integrity season after season.

Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

Yes, absolutely. We design our artificial grasses with safety in mind and to comply with the most stringent safety standards. They have passed hundreds of independent safety tests. Artificial turf won’t graze young skin. Some grasses in our range contain an extra fibre fill layer and thatch structure for extra soft landings.

Is your artificial grass guaranteed?

Yes. Artificial Grass Direct guarantees our grasses for ten years.

What is artificial grass made of?

The blades of grass in artificial grass are typically made from a synthetic yarn material, such as polyethylene and stitched into the shape of grass blades. The blades of grass are attached to a backing material, which is usually made of latex, to provide stability and support. The backing material helps to hold the blades of grass in place and prevents them from flattening or losing their shape over time.

Can I install artificial grass myself or do I need professional help?

Installing artificial grass is a doable project for those with some basic DIY skills and the right tools and equipment. We have an in-depth guide to help you with that endeavour. 

Can artificial turf be laid on any surface?

Artificial grass is versatile enough to be laid on just about any surface. It can be laid on soil, turf, concrete, tarmac, and paving. It copes beautifully with sloping areas and it can even be laid on roof terraces and balconies. For the best results, the grass all needs to be laid in the same direction, so that you are looking into the pile.

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