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Go Green 28

RRP £29.50 m2 (inc. VAT)
Now £21.30 / m2 (inc. VAT)

Go Green 28 is an extra special artificial grass. With a woven polymer backing that is made from the same material at the yarn, it is fully recyclable whilst maintaining a superb look all year round.


Features & Benefits

  • Recyclable
  • 28mm
  • Freshly mown look


  • Gardens
    Play Areas
    Ecological Spaces

How to calculate your roll length

For example, 5 will give you a length of 5m (10m2 coverage on a 2m roll or 20m2 on a 4m roll). Joining kits are only required if you are joining 2 or more rolls together.

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Additional information

UV Stabilised
Pile Height
Pet Safe
10 Years
Fast Delivery

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