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Self Adhesive Joining Tape


The Self Adhesive Joining Tape is a revolutionary new product in the world of Artificial Grass. Perfect for smaller installations and domestic users who are completing a DIY Installation, this product is easy to use and simple to apply.

When connecting two pieces of Artificial Grass, simply roll out the Self Adhesive Joining Tape along and underneath the join. Then peel back the white film and carefully place the two edges back down.

When rolled out, the Self Adhesive Joining Tape can connect a 4 metre long join. So you will need to divide your total joining length by 4 (and round up) to work out how many you will need. If purchased with Artificial Grass, the tape will be delivered wrapped up within the roll of grass.



  • Connecting two pieces of Artificial Grass



  • Easy to Use
  • Eliminates the need to buy backing tape and glue separately.
  • Perfect for domestic use in DIY projects

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