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Grandeur 2.0

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Total: £
£11.73 /m2 (inc. VAT)

Grandeur 2.0

£11.73 /m2 (inc. VAT)

Grandeur 2.0 boasts an impressive 45mm Pile Height and is a multi-tone grass with a thick realistic thatch.

The tall pile height coupled with a non-shine finish and a darker overall tone gives Grandeur 2.0 a superbly realistic look and feel. This luxurious grass type includes a memory yarn which enables the grass to respond and spring back in an extremely realistic way. Perfect for large gardens and premium installations, Grandeur 2.0 is a resilient, realistic looking Artificial Grass that can add the WOW factor to your garden.

Total: £

Features & Benefits

  • Very tall 45mm Pile Height
  • Memory Yarn
  • Darker Shade of Green


  • Ideal for Larger Gardens
  • Accurately Replicating Real Grass
  • Premium Spaces

Technical Characteristics

  • Fibre: 60 % PE / 40 % PP
  • Fibre Shape: straight / curled
  • Production Method: Tufting
  • Gauge: 3/8”
  • #stitches / lm: ca. 175st/lm
  • #tufts / m2: ca. 18375 / m2
  • Pile Height: ca. 48 mm
  • Pile Weight: ca. 1839 g / m2
  • Total Weight: ca. 2809 g / m2
  • Tuft Cloth: Polypropylene woven, ca. 170 g / m2 Backing: Latex, ca. 800 g / m2
  • Roll width: 2 or 4 metre widths
  • Roll length: 25 m
  • Colour Fastness Scale: 7 (DIN 54004) UV-Stability: > 3.000 hours UV-A
  • Chlorine Resistance: 4 –5 (DIN 54019) Resistance to sea water: 4 –5 (DIN 54007)

Additional Information

Roll width

4 Metres

UV Stabilised


Pile Height


Pet Safe




Product Guarantee

10 Years

Fast Delivery


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