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How Do You Take Care of Artificial Grass?

One main benefit when you switch to artificial grass is the low maintenance needed to keep your lawn perfect. However, please note it is low maintenance, and not no maintenance!

If you follow these top tips, your lawn will continue to look perfect for years to come.

Initial Care

When you first lay your artificial grass, it takes around 8 weeks for the lawn to settle and adapt to its surroundings. During this time, you should brush your lawn. By brushing the lawn, the grass will look natural as each strand of grass will blend into each other. After the 8 weeks are up, your lawn will look fresh, natural and full of life!


It is natural for dead leaves and other debris to fall onto your lawn, but make sure you remove these items as soon as possible. A build up of organic matter encourages weed growth while affecting your lawns drainage system.

You can pick up the debris via hand, with a leaf blower or with a brush. Within a few minutes, your lawn will go back to looking spotless and perfect again.


Removing stains on artificial grass is actually extremely easy! For stains that are easy to remove, simply use hot soapy water. For trickier stains, use a mineral spirit and a cloth to make the stain disappear. If you have pets, they most likely use the garden as their toilet. When this happens, pick up and wash down the area if needed.

Items That Can Cause Harm to Your Garden

  • Sharp objects can cut the strands of grass, making your lawn look uneven and damaged.
  • Young children are curious, which means they may try to pull the grass, resulting in your lawn having bold patches.
  • Motor vehicles will cause damage to your lawn.
  • DO NOT use items that can set fire to your grass. This includes smoking, bonfires, barbeques and fireworks. In order to be safe rather than sorry, we would recommend using these items on a solid surface.

If you have any questions or queries that were not answered in this article, feel free to call Artificial Grass Direct.