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What to do in the Garden – November

You’ll find that your garden will really die down in November and most jobs for this month are centred on keeping things tidy, protecting plants, and getting ready for the spring.

Leaves are falling rapidly, temperatures are dropping and the chance of frost is ever increasing but if you make the most of the month by following our top 5 tips for gardening in November, then your garden should stay looking its best. 


1. Clearing & cleaning

Rake up soggy, brown leaves before they start causing rotting and causing damage to your garden. Put them on your compost heap and given time they will make a great soil conditioner.

You could also use this month to clear out your greenhouse and give everything a good clean – this will keep it looking tidy and free of pests!


2. Planting

Plant out winter bedding and spring bulbs as early as possible this month. This is the last chance to plant spring tulips, daffodils, wallflowers, bellis etc.

If you have a vegetable garden then continue planting onion sets, garlic and spring cabbage plants at the start of this month.


3. Finish Winterizing

November is the last chance you’ll have to winterize your garden so make sure you plan ahead and start jobs as early as possible. Tender plants will need protecting before the winter frosts set in.


4. Bonfire

If you’ve prepared a bonfire in your garden for Guy Fawkes Night then make sure you double check there’s no wildlife sheltering before lighting it.


5. Lawns

Continue to rake up any leaves from your lawn throughout November. Mow your lawn according to the weather conditions – if it stays mild and grass is still growing then you may still want to give it a light trim. If conditions turn particularly wet or frosty then it’s best to stay off garden turf to avoid damaging the grass.


For those with artificial grass lawns then a quick brush every couple of weeks to get rid of leaves and debris should ensure your lawn stays looking lush and green.

For more information on how to transform your garden this month then get in touch with our experts at Artificial Grass Direct.


Happy gardening!