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What to do in The Garden in June

June is the month that gardeners look forward to all year long. Flowers are blooming, night frosts have all but disappeared and the days are longer, making spending time in the garden an absolute pleasure.

By the time we get to June we have usually seen the back of late frosts so make the most of the pleasant weather before the summer heat really starts to kick in.

Artificial Grass Direct are bringing you our top 5 top tips about what you could be doing in the garden this June.

1. Beware of Weeds

Remember that as your plants and lawn continues to flourish and grow, the weeds in your garden will be doing the same. Get rid of weeds by hoeing or pulling them out by hand in warm, dry conditions. This will prevent any seeds that fall onto the ground from growing back.

2. Grow Your Own

June is a great opportunity to get out and start growing. Make sure plants are well established before moving them from the greenhouse to the garden, and keep an eye on them should a frost be forecast.

If you’re a keen veg grower then now is the time to plant beans, peppers, sweet corn and tomatoes. Fruit and veg that should all be ready for harvesting this month include strawberries, lettuce, broad beans, autumn-sown onions and beetroot.

3. Watering

As the weather gets warmer and drier, watering is essential in the garden. Concentrate on watering container plants and hanging baskets daily as they have less reserve, and give the rest of your garden a thorough water once or twice a week.

4. Compost

As your garden fills with growth, and you begin mowing regularly there is plenty of material in your garden ready for composting. Make sure you keep your compost bin nice and moist so the contents hold together.

5. Lawn

Much like May, June is a great month to continue preparing your lawn and completing repairs and cultivation.

Those with natural grass lawns should be mowing their lawn at least once a week and keeping the edges of their lawn trimmed for a neat and tidy appearance.

For those with artificial grass lawns simply sit back and enjoy the warm June weather! Other than a quick brush every couple of weeks to get rid of leaves and debris your lawn will take care of itself.

For more information on how to transform your garden this month then get in touch with our experts at Artificial Grass Direct.

Happy gardening!