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Weird Weather

Adverse weather conditions have been causing havoc all over the UK for the last few weeks and this weird weather doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

The beginning of the month saw thousands forced to flee their homes as strong storms, 140mph winds and a tidal surge battered the UK.

Emergency services launched rescue operations as the hurricane force winds swept the country, causing the worst flooding seen in 60 years.

While some predicted crippling blizzards for December, even forecasting 100 days of heavy and persistent snow, recent reports have not suggested that temperatures will be lower than average this Christmas.

Even though the Met Office’s December forecast doesn’t suggest snowdrifts for the big day, a new survey by The Weather Channel found that 49 per cent of us are wishing for snow this Christmas.

With this weird, extreme and ever-changing weather, your garden will be extremely lucky if it avoids damage and survives winter this year.

Artificial grass could be the perfect solution to combatting the bizarre and unpredictable seasons that we have to endure here in the UK.

It stands up to drought, flooding, snow and freezing temperatures, maintaining a fresh green appearance all year long.

With AGD’s massive 60% off winter sale there’s never been a better time to prepare for 2014 and the weird weather it has to throw at us.