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Turn Your Home Garden into a Winter Wonderland

December is fast approaching and to make sure you get in the Christmas spirit, create your very own winter wonderland garden!

Decorations play a key part in transforming your garden into a winter scenery, however before you place items in your garden, you need to create the perfect base for guests to walk on.

Artificial grass allows you to relax and enjoy the day, come rain or shine! If the weather decides to rain, snow or hail, your grass will still look brand new and the best part? You do not need to worry about mud being trailed through your house. Artificial grass also gives you a solid foundation to place items on and if you decide to place fake snow on top of the grass, it will look smooth, realistic and magical as opposed to placing it on ordinary grass.

Once the snow is in place, you can then start placing lights, decorations and ornaments around the garden. A snowman, reindeers and Father Christmas can make an appearance, but remember to use a lot of lighting so the darkness doesn’t hide any decorations!

If you are concerned about lack of space inside your home and the forecast is rain, a gazebo ensures your guests stay dry and outside! If you are serving food, we recommend placing tables and chairs around your garden. This will not only persuade guests to eat outside, but they are able to sit back and watch the children become lost in your magical winter wonderland.

Once your garden has turned festive and ready for guests, you can take the celebration one step further and create a Santa’s Grotto inside your home. You can spend time outside with friends and family, and once Santa is ready, the children can make their way into his grotto!

All you have to do, to create the perfect grotto, is surround the floor with an artificial grass snow blanket, put on the fairy lights and have a large red chair for Father Christmas. The children will remember this magical day for years to come.

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