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Top 4 Artificial Grass for Landscapers

Did you know that besides supplying to residential customers, AGD also collaborate with a wide network of commercial landscapers up and down the country?

If you’re looking for the best possible surface for a commercial landscaping job, then choose artificial grass. It has a number of advantages over natural turf including low maintenance, no watering and a long life span.

With turf from AGD, landscapers can be much more flexible with their designs. Artificial grass can be used in areas where natural turf may struggle to grow, such as heavily shaded parts of a garden or development. It is also perfect for applications in schools, nurseries, play areas and shopping centres.

Commercial landscaping can often suffer from frequent exposure to heavy footfall. When you choose artificial grass for your commercial landscaping job you won’t have to worry about heavy usage, mud during rainy seasons, or waiting for grass to regrow after a busy season.

At AGD we provide landscapers with quality turf and real savings. We work closely with a number of landscapers to supply the right range for any installation project.

Here are some of our most popular ranges for landscapers

1. Greenscape

Greenscape is a great problem solver, where growing natural grass is impractical. This range will add a natural, ‘recently mown’ look to any landscaping job.

2. Supergrass

This is our most popular range, using a blend of green tones to produce an exceptionally realistic look. Perfect for gardens and landscaping.

3. Olympic Gold

This lush, natural looking turf is great for landscaping and residential gardens. 

4. Luxury Club

This top of the range turf boasts a host of classy features, which make it ideal for a luxury landscaping application.

As part of our network you’ll have access to the UK’s premium artificial grass products at the most competitive prices, so if you’re a landscaper looking for a name you can trust, get in touch with AGD today!