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There’s Still Time for Christmas Garden Envy!

If you are hosting a party, or just simply take pride in your garden, you can still achieve a garden that you see in magazines. Have you ever been to somebodies house and wonder how their garden looks so perfect? Have you ever looked through a magazine and thought, my garden will never look like that! Artificial Grass Direct (AGD) is here to help you. There are many different styles, colours and designs that you can choose from.


Greenscene is a durable and rich green artificial grass. It offers colour and is perfect during the winter months with its nonslip surface.


Greenscape offers a shorter grass look, just like your grass looks after it has just been mowed. It is a deeper green with a hint of light brown. Families find this grass most suitable if they have children who enjoy playing on the grass outside.

Luxury Club

The luxury club grass is more expensive than the other artificial grass products, but it is worth the extra few pennies if you want to impress! It is perfect for luxury show gardens, and has the stamina to withstand any activity for a long time. It combines four green tones to create an exceptional natural look.

Snow Blanket

The snow blanket is perfect if you want to create a winter wonderland look this Christmas. It offers a snowy look to your garden, and creates an exciting and festive feeling for any guests or family members that come to your home.

AGD also offers Majestic, Olympic, Play, Woodland, Regent and Rainbow ranges of artificial grass. If you are unsure which style of artificial grass will benefit your needs the best, feel free to talk to our experts today.