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Temporarily Laying Artificial Grass

As Artificial Grass is extremely versatile and durable, many people choose to use it for temporary uses in a variety of different settings. Artificial Grass is a great solution if you need to create extravagant displays for shops, themed parties or just brighten up spaces at conferences and events. We also know that living in the UK means your garden is a very seasonal area, so some people choose to just brighten up their gardens over the summer months.


If you need to bring the outdoors in, Artificial Grass is a great option! Many businesses opt for Artificial Grass to make their shop windows stand out from the crowd in a unique and creative way. We’ve also provided Artificial Grass for city offices who have gone on to create breakout areas which are designed to look and feel like the outdoors.


Artificial Grass is a perfect option if you’re trying to create themed events and parties – it allows you to transform spaces on a temporary basis without having a huge mess to clean up afterwards. Simply roll the grass out, and roll it back up once you’ve done with it. Artificial Grass has been used at hundreds of conferences – especially those with an emphasis on the outdoors.


Some gardens in the UK don’t have the added luxury of their own lawns, which is where Artificial Grass can help you. With our very unpredictable weather, we don’t often get to sit out and enjoy our gardens which then makes you question how much you want to spend on transforming the space. However, if you do get fed up of the sight of your discoloured decking then Artificial Grass may be the answer for you. If you’re a family with children, Artificial Grass can also provide a safe, softer surface for them to play on which will save on any unwanted cuts or scrapes caused by decking and concrete.

Artificial Grass can be loose laid which means you don’t have to fix it down permanently – you can weigh down the corners with flower pots or garden furniture, or if there is a soft surface you could pin the lawn down around the perimeter.

If this sounds like a perfect option for you, get in touch with our team of experts at Artificial Grass – Direct for hints, tips and tricks for the best way to lay Artificial Grass.

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