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Taxpayers Alliance Propose Replacing Council Lawnmowers for Sheep in New Report

Publishing a list of 200 recommendations for cutting council tax, the TaxPayer’s Alliance (TPA) has proposed using local livestock to graze on council land rather than spending money on expensive petrol costs, lawnmowers and workers to drive them.


Massive wastes in the public sector influenced the report, which was written by Hammersmith and Fulham councillor Harry Phibbs and published by the Taxpayers’ Alliance campaign group. They said the radical ideas could save hundreds of millions of pounds each year.

The report suggests councils use “cattle and sheep to graze on council land rather than spending money on grass cutting.”

Other advice for local authorities included putting a word limit on council documents, banning mineral water and housing children in care in boarding schools.


Unite national officer Fiona Farmer spoke out against the idea calling it ‘medieval’, stating:

“The prospect we face is hundreds of these animals freely roaming around municipal parks ignoring health and safety considerations when children are playing – and being a prime target for urban rustlers.”

While some call the report a publicity stunt, the ideas are based on real problems.

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