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Tag: top tips

Natural Turf in Autumn and Winter

Many people tend to avoid getting out in their garden over the colder months which can sometimes result in your lawn becoming neglected; the leaves mount up, the rain falls and your grass slowly turns into mud. As we’re now in Autumn, you will start to notice your lawn get covered in leaves if surrounded…

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Planning your Autumn Garden

We hate to say it, but Autumn will soon be upon us – did we even have a Summer? Either way, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your garden for Autumn. Now we’re at the end of August, you may think that all you have to look forward to is harvesting your…

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Gardening Jobs for August

August is quite a simple month in your garden. It’s a time for you to sit back, grab an ice cold drink and enjoy your surroundings – that is if the weather is behaving itself. In theory, August should be a great month in terms of the weather – but we do live in the…

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