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The children will soon be breaking for the school holidays and while some people will be taking the holidays abroad there is also an increase in number opting for the staycation.

There are some fantastic places to see in the UK and although we can’t guarantee the weather, this doesn’t have to dampen your holiday adventures.

Then there is also the time when you are going to be at home, having days out but also just catching up with the DIY jobs that need to be done around the house and in the garden.

This could be the ideal opportunity to finally get round to thinking about your lawn. With the weather being so unpredictable, one minute it is dry, the kids are running round and having fun outside, then it’s wet and the kids are turning it into a mud pit, then dry so you rush out and quickly mow the lawn before the cycle starts again. All in all it can be very challenging to keep a beautiful looking garden that both you and the children can just enjoy. Artificial Grass is your answer!

Perhaps one to go to the top of the list of DIY jobs is to lay artificial grass.  It is easy to install, low maintenance and can be enjoyed all year round, and not just this year but for many more to come –whatever the weather.

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