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Solve Autumn Garden Issues with AGD


During the autumn, the UK is particularly prone to prolonged periods of heavy rainfall. If your lawn is waterlogged it will become ‘squelchy’ to walk on and may develop a top layer of sticky, sodden soil. It can be hard for lawns to recover from persistent rainfall and they will probably turn yellow before dying out.

Dead patches

If conditions go the opposite way, lack of water can cause grass to dry out and die. Bare patches require reseeding or returfing to allow grass to look its best all year round.


As autumn turns into winter, frost can also be really damaging grass. There’s nothing you can do to stop frost from forming but if you refrain from walking on turf then you shouldn’t suffer too much long term damage.


During the autumn, pests such as leatherjackets and grubs (and the predators that hunt them) can cause devastating amounts of damage to your lawn. Worm casts can also be a real nuisance in wet weather.


As autumn’s cooler days arrive, one of the best things you can do for your lawn is treat weeds. Tackling weeds early can ensure your lawn stays looking lush and free from perennial invaders such as dandelion and clover. 


No matter how well you take care of your lawn, moss will invariably start to creep in during the autumn. Not only does moss prevent grass from growing it can also be incredibly hard to get rid of!

When it comes to solving autumn garden issues, there is one simple solution.

Install artificial grass!

Artificial grass is maintenance free, can cope in any weather and will stay looking lush and green all year long! Get in touch today for a tailored quote.