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Snow Ruined Your Lawn? Never Again!

As snow departs and melts each spring, lawns are often left with the damage and destruction that occurred during the winter.

Snow mould, and fractured grass leaves from the frost can disfigure the form of your lawn and the damage can last for a long time after the snow has thawed. Snow damage can be extremely visible, and severely damaged areas of your lawn may need time consuming reseeding and extensive fertilizing.

Conditions may vary from year to year, and it’s hard to know what level of attention you need to give your lawn so it survives the big freeze.

Snow can be beautiful and fun in your back garden so wouldn’t you rather take time to enjoy it with your family rather than worrying about the damage its doing to your lawn?

We assume you have 3 different options:

1-    Don’t walk on, or disturb the snow on your lawn during winter, leaving it to melt without compacting and killing the grass underneath

2-    Shovel/rake the snow off your lawn as soon as it builds up. A huge job – but not impossible

3-    Replace your natural turf with artificial grass.

Lets face it – if you have children or simply want to enjoy the benefits of snowfall then there’s only one practical answer.

Turf from Artificial Grass Direct is built to last come rain, shine or frost. Its drainage system means that even in extreme conditions, snow and ice simply melt into it without disrupting the colour or appearance, leaving it lush and green all year round.

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