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Schools Given Funding for PE & Sports

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has announced that a £5m fund will be put into schools to help ensure they can provide children with extra curricular activities such as sports coaching on top of their core curriculum.

Baroness Sue Campbell, chair of the Youth Sport Trust, said:


‘I am a firm believer that Physical Education and school sport, when taught and delivered well, can help young people develop greater resilience.


‘At the Youth Sport Trust, we use the power of sport to develop young people’s confidence and self-esteem which are critically important to success – academically, in employment and throughout life.


‘I hope the discussion today recognises the importance of PE and sport in developing these skills.’


As sport becomes more prominent in education, the government funding will help schools invest in facilities refurbishment, new equipment and installation of pitches and athletics tracks to play on.

It’s becoming more and more common to find schools and colleges playing on synthetic playing surfaces, due to their hard wearing, and low maintenance qualities. Synthetic pitches are a great investment for schools struggling to provide sports facilities in the most cost effective way possible.

The long lasting durability of artificial grass means that it will last for an astonishing 20 years, even under the impact of regular sports and general play.

When the school budget is tight, artificial turf will also save you money by cutting down on your water bill and expensive maintenance costs. You won’t have to worry about any of this with artificial sports grass as it simply takes care of itself!

As if that wasn’t enough, new studies now actually suggest that artificial grass could enhance school athletics. The use of artificial grounds for professional match play has been promoted by several sports governing bodies including the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and International Hockey Federation (FIH)

Most schools find themselves on limited budgets for sports, and simply can’t afford the upkeep of large natural sports fields but this funding should give struggling schools a big boost. The time and money saved with artificial turf can’t be rivalled, all the while enhancing the performance and safety of the students.


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