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Save Paw Cleaning

As the nights start to close in and the weather turns increasingly mild, dull and wet, most of us will be tempted to spend as much time indoors as possible. Unfortunately, for dog owners there’s just no escaping the bad weather.

With such notoriously unsettled conditions during the autumn, dog walking can be unpredictable to say the least. It’s vital that your dog remains active even during waves of bad autumn weather, but when those bitterly cold, wet evenings make dog walking impractical, dogs can still benefit from a good run around the garden.

While your furry friend may be happy to spend time outside on a wet evening, there’s nothing worse than finding he has come bounding back in with mucky paws, leaving indelible marks all around your house.

When it comes to muddy paws, prevention is key, but despite owner’s best efforts to keep their dogs clean, stopping prints coming in the house can be a near impossible task.

For many pet owners, artificial grass has provided a perfect solution for dogs and their muddy paws.

Even when the rain pours, artificial turf provides a safe and clean alternative to natural grass, putting a stop to the never-ending struggle to keep dogs paws clean.

Dog owners might worry how their animal will react to artificial turf but the reality is that your pet (and your carpet) will be better off.

Our turf is non-toxic and completely safe for pets to run around and play on. Dogs will treat AGD turf just like the real thing, offering a garden that is just as soft and enjoyable to spend time in – even on those dull autumn evenings.

With artificial grass you benefit from no puddles, and no muddy bogs to contend with – that’s right, you won’t need to think twice about clearing up muddy paw prints after you’ve been outside with your pet!

No matter what, your AGD lawn will not suffer at all from your pet’s activities. Simply give your garden a hose down to remove any waste and odours, and it will stay fresh, lush and green all year round.

If you’d like to find out more about how AGD artificial grass could benefit you and your pet, simply get in touch today.