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Rod Stewart Builds Artificial Football Pitch at his Mansion

Rod Stewart is a singing legend. Having sold over 100 million records worldwide and being the best selling music artist of all time, it is no wonder he is labelled a British sensation!

Apart from his love for music, Stewart’s other passion is football. His father was an amateur footballer and wanted him to follow in his footsteps. While Stewart chose a singing career and shared his vocal talent with the world, he still continued to play football socially.

In 2014 Stewart made a hard decision and stopped playing football matches. He stated that after 35 minutes of play he was in pain and it was affecting his singing performances in Las Vegas. However, retiring from football didn’t stop him from wanting to build an artificial football pitch outside his £5 million mansion in Essex. Epping Forest District Council approved the football pitch and car park facilities outside his property, but they are adamant no floodlights are allowed.

Due to the fact there will be no flood lights, there will be no night matches. The council put this rule into place so that the surrounding houses will not endure any noise pollution during the night. The football pitch is also screened by hedges and trees so the view from surrounding areas is not affected.

Rod Stewart already has a football pitch outside his current home, where the Celtic football squad previously trained. It is not hard to notice how passionate Stewart is about football, and continues to play with his young sons, Alastair, 10, and Aiden, four.

While not everybody can afford a full sized football pitch outside their home, our customers often install artificial lawns as a durable alternative to natural turf. Artificial Grass Direct allow you to select the measurements to suit your garden. Even if it is only a small area for your children to practice their football skills on, AGD are always happy to adapt to your needs/requirements.