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Revamp Your Beer Garden this Summer

Busy pubs with beer gardens could revamp their outdoor spaces in one easy step – installing artificial grass!

For any pub that offers an outdoor area, artificial grass could be the perfect solution due to its durability and low maintenance.

This could be especially useful for inner city pubs and bars where few people have the luxury of a garden to relax in on warm summer days. By installing artificial grass you can make your establishment feel more welcoming, homely and comfortable for customers to enjoy.

Because artificial grass means no mud and no mess, you could make even better use of your outdoor space by allowing customers to sit on the grass itself, providing a laidback and pastoral atmosphere for relaxing when the sun comes out.

Artificial grass from AGD only requires very low maintenance because it’s so quick and simple to clean. Simply take a few minutes to sweep or hose it down after a busy day’s trading and it’ll be ready to use again straight away.

AGD ranges ideally suited to a beer garden application include:

No matter what your preference, you will find many of our ranges look and feel just like real grass. In fact it looks so convincing your customers may have no idea it’s artificial at all!

We’re confident that you and your regulars will love the natural softness, colour and texture of AGD.

The low maintenance that comes with installing artificial grass means that you’ll have time to spend doing things that really matter to your business.

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