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Relieve Hayfever with Artificial Grass Direct

There are a reported 12-million hayfever sufferers in the UK alone, and for many of them this month is set to be the start of a long spell of seasonal misery.

Around 90% of the UK’s hayfever sufferers are allergic to grass pollen, which leads to a whole host of cold-flu type discomfort.

While there is no known cure for hayfever, your first line of defence is eliminating the amount of pollen trapped in your own back garden.

Natural grass lawns are one of the biggest triggers for hayfever sufferers, harbouring a whole host of pollen, dust and mould spores which become airborne when disturbed by mowing

In order to combat hayfever this summer, one solution would be to stay inside when pollen count is high and minimise contact with the allergen. You may also want to consider replacing your lawn with artificial grass.

A switch to artificial grass is simple with AGD and while it will not cure hayfever, it will certainly give you some relief.

In addition to this, you will enjoy all the benefits of a low maintenance garden all year long! Just think – no more mowing, no more trimming and you will also save on water needed to keep it looking lush and green during the summer months.

Don’t lock yourself away indoors this summer.

Artificial lawns are the perfect way for you to enjoy your garden, not only during the summer but all year around!

Turf from AGD will stay pollen free, looks fantastic and allows you to enjoy your garden whenever you feel like it.