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Product Spotlight: Parkland

Parkland is a brand new product we’ve introduced into our range for 2017, and we absolutely love it! Having been in the Artificial Grass industry for over 20 years, we believe this is one of our best products to date.

Parkland is a 35mm pile with finer tufting and a multidirectional pile to give it a more natural texture. This means that when you look at the grass, it won’t look as if it’s all leaning in one direction as much as a grass with a one directional pile. The pile in multitoned with a contrasting light brown thatch to add to its realism. All this for a great price of £16.95 per m2.

This product is flying off the shelves and is proving extremely popular in family gardens. Parkland is very soft to touch which makes it perfect for gardens with young children. It is completely pet friendly and added durability so you don’t have to worry if your pets will be using the garden.

We’ve also had great feedback from our Landscapers who have expressed how easy this grass is to fit due to how durable and flexible it is.

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