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Product Spotlight: Our Best Selling Artificial Grass

For another year running, our Woodland Chase Artificial Grass has proven to be the best seller of 2016 and it’s clear to see why.

Woodland Chase is extremely popular for family gardens with young children and pets due to its texture, colour and durability. It has a 30mm pile giving it a luscious, dense look all year round. The grass is extremely soft which is a great benefit for families. It is natural in colour with a dark brown thatch to add to the realism of the grass.

Woodland Chase has a diamond shaped memory yarn meaning no sand needs to be added in order for the pile to stand on point no matter what the weather. The grass is completely UV stabilised so you don’t need to worry about the sunlight fading the colour.

It is also one of our best value grasses priced at just £12.75 pm2.

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