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Product Focus: Pet 28

This month we are focusing on our Pet 28 artificial grass. The grass is a lovely mid-ranged product perfect for family gardens with pet dogs. Pet 28 is one of our most innovative products. It has been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with our ZeoZorb product and is the perfect solution for anyone with dogs looking for artificial grass.

Cute Dog

Artificial grass is often an excellent solution for gardens where dogs are likely to play and run around. Dogs love artificial grass, they love the texture and the uninterrupted freedom it offers. Dogs can far too easily rip up a natural grass lawn, turning it into a muddy eyesore very quickly.

Why choose our Pet 28 product?

The grass is realistic looking and the pile height is long enough to accommodate an in-fill. A light brown thatch is woven into the pile which adds to the realistic effect and gives the grass additional cushioning.

The multi-toned fibres in the grass have specialist MicroNerve Technology built into them which gives them a unique V-Shape and a non-reflective green shade. The V-shape structure means that the grass will bounce back once compressed. So your dogs can play on it for as long as they want and the grass won’t flatten.

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