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Preparing the Perfect Garden for Summer

After a wet and cold winter, and an unpredictable Spring, everybody is waiting for 21st June to arrive when summer officially begins!

With summer only one month away, now is the perfect time to help your garden come back to life.

  1. Create an enviable lawn

Your lawn probably took a battering from wet and frosty weather throughout the autumn and winter. Wet weather promotes the growth of weeds and moss that will need to be removed from your grass in order to look its best. Summer is the time to take advantage of the dry weather and show off your outside area to friends and family. Instead of being embarrassed when everybody heads to the garden, you need to make sure your lawn attracts the right attention!

Why not take the plunge this year and take away the annual hardship of lawn care by installing artificial grass. This way, you can also spend more time working on the lawn borders rather than hours spent mowing, trimming and fertilising the lawn!

  1. Quick fix

If you have neglected your garden over the past year, your garden will be full of dead plants, weeds and branches. The first step is to remove everything. Weeds are probably the hardest obstacle to tackle. One trick is to make sure the soil isn’t wet, as wet soil is significantly heavier than dry soil. Once every persistent weed is removed, your garden may look bare, but it is prepared for new plants and seeds. If you need your flowers to bloom fast, you can purchase from your local garden centre. If you have time, you can plant the seeds and watch the flowers blossom.

  1. Trim

Now that you have an enviable lawn, surrounded by bright and colourful flowers, you need to tidy overgrown hedges and trees. When hedges and trees start growing over plants, your garden feels considerably smaller. This may take a while, but don’t hold back when trimming, as hedges can grow back.

Imagine a perfect lawn surrounded by bright and colourful flowers and perennials. Also, think of all the benefits for ‘you time’ to enjoy the summer weather having barbecues and relaxing with friends and family whilst they admire your garden – Result!

Check out Artificial Grass Directs website to choose a style of grass perfect for your garden. If you are unsure about what type of grass to choose, don’t worry, as we offer free samples for you to compare!