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Prepare your Perfect Summer Family Garden

Are you forever sat dreaming of how you wish your garden looked? Now is the time to make a list of things you want from your garden and start planning how it can look.

Make sure you include Artificial Grass in your plans. Artificial Grass has a wide range of benefits for all garden types, but especially family gardens. Artificial Grass provides a low maintenance space that looks amazing all year round.

If you have a garden that suffers from drainage and turns into a muddy boggy mess as soon as it rains then Artificial Grass is a perfect solution for you. The grass is completely porous and has no mud so you won’t have to worry about any muddy footprints through your house.

Depending on the pile height of the grass you choose, you’ll notice that it is softer than natural turf. The safety can also be enhanced with the use of a shock pad underlay which comes in a variety of thicknesses and can be supplied directly by Artificial Grass Direct.

Artificial Grass Direct also have a range of Rainbow grasses which, if you’re feeling adventurous, can brighten up family gardens.

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