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The Benefits of Fake Grass For Playtime

Playtime is an essential part of any child’s development, artificial grass is soft and non-abrasive, perfect for kids!

The children have now broken up for the school holidays and you will want them to make the most of all their free time, not sitting in front of the TV or computer but good old fashioned “playing out!”

So why don’t you give them the perfect place to play and install artificial grass in your garden?  Not only is it easy to maintain but it is soft and non-abrasive and you can even put shock-pads underneath the play equipment which gives extra cushioning in case of any little falls.

Another great reason is that it will protect your carpet when they are in and out. No more muddy shoes being traipsed through the house and also no grass stains on their clothes.

If your child does have allergies like hay fever artificial grass cannot completely cure it but can make a big impact on the reduction of pollen in your garden and will make it a much more enjoyable experience.

And who said that all grass has to be green? You can create innovative play areas by introducing coloured grass to form paths and shapes and let their imagination take them into creative play.

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