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Physical and Mental Benefits of Gardening in the Summer

As the weather gets warmer and summer seems ever closer, most of us will at least consider joining a gym to shed a few pounds. But did you know that gardening can be just as good for you?! Here’s why you should consider taking up gardening to get fit this summer…

If you haven’t been running in a few years, or the idea of going to the gym gets you down, you’ll most likely quit before you start.

Doctors and studies have shown that swapping your running shoes for wellies and heading into the garden is just as good as going to the gym! Did you know that….

  • 30 minutes of digging burns 150 calories
  • 30 minutes of raking a lawn burns 120 calories
  • Gardening reduces the risk of a heart attack by 50%
  • Gardening adds up to seven years to the average life span

While you’ll probably burn more calories by going on the treadmill for 30 minutes, doctors have voiced that adding lighter activities into your daily routine will reduce the stress on your joints, plus, you have more hope of sticking to these activities.

Gardening is now considered a healthy form of exercise, which means the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease will be reduced. Chief horticulturist at the RHS, Guy Barter states that evidence proves gardening also helps decrease the chances of depression while reducing levels of stress.

The physical and mental benefits from studies and doctors suggest gardening is a brilliant alternative to the gym, but what do the gardeners themselves have to say?

2,000 gardeners were asked by the Royal Horticultural Society about their experiences.

  • 80 per cent stated their fitness had improved
  • 60 per cent stated they felt physically energised
  • 53 per cent stated their mood improved while gardening
  • 70 per cent noticed their arms were more toned
  • 52 per cent noticed their thighs were more toned

These statistics show the physical, mental and health benefits associated with gardening. So…next time you feel guilty for skipping the gym, just remember, gardening offers similar results; plus, you will be outside enjoying the sunshine, instead of inside a clammy gym!

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