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Perfect Grass for a Perfect Easter!

If you’re like a lot of people, you will be having a family around during the Easter break.

We’re hoping that the sunshine makes an appearance so guests can take advantage of the garden but the main question is, how do we keep the garden neat, tidy and an entertaining place to be?

Read on for a few tips and tricks that will appeal to all ages!

Make Easter Fun

Remember when you were young and you had to find the hidden Easter eggs? Easter brought out the fun and adventurous side of everybody, so why not keep the tradition going? AGD offers a range of different coloured grass, which allows your garden to stand out from the crowd. Whether you create a yellow artificial grass road for the children to follow or use a variety of colours to keep the children in awe and entertained for hours on end, the choice is up to you.

Make Easter Stylish

If you prefer to keep your Easter garden more stylish and luxurious than playful and fun, the best option is to order the Luxury Club grass. This grass not only looks realistic, but you may have noticed it in luxury show gardens. In order to get the most use of your garden, you can add modern furniture and put up a gazebo to make sure your garden gets noticed and played on, regardless of the weather.

Make your family in awe

After the horrendous rain, the United Kingdom has suffered over the last few months, gardens have consumed more rain than they are used to. This in turn means that real grass has become patchy, muddy and uneven. Wouldn’t it be a shock to your family and friends when they see your perfect garden? Not only would you receive many compliments and admiration from everybody, but also your garden would be the area that people will remember for months, if not years!

If you want your perfect Easter garden, that will mesmerise and impress your family, call AGD today.