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Oxford Groundsman Replaces Grass with Artificial Turf

Last month we brought you the news that Chelsea football star John Terry had made the decision to replace his entire lawn with artificial grass, but now it seems that even the groundsmen are following suit!

It was recently reported that Mick Moore, former Oxford groundsman had also given up mowing for good and replaced his grass with artificial turf.

Now his life as a groundsman is officially over, the grandfather of 3 said that he could enjoy his retirement without worrying about the state of his lawn. “I cut the grass for the final time last weekend,” he said.

“I have got a place in Tenerife where myself and my wife, Sandra, go for chunks of the year and so it just makes sense to do this now.

“The grass gets too long while we are away.”

Moore worked as a groundsman for Oxford United for 17 years, where his pitches were the envy of the Football League, winning him the title of ‘Groundsman Of The Year’ in 1998/99.

He said: “I have been very, very impressed with the 3G surface on Oxford City’s training pitches

“I can’t see why all lower-league football isn’t played on this sort of surface in the future.”

“I have given my mower and all the equipment to my grandson, Harvie, who seems to be quite keen to follow in my footsteps,” he said.

“I’ve now officially retired.”

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