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At Artificial Grass Direct Ltd our team of technicians and buyers are constantly specifying new products and searching the globe for new innovations and because of our unrivalled buying power we are able to offer the very best quality products at the UK’s cheapest prices.

Why choose artificial grass? Everyone can use a little fake grass. Whether you want a perfect show garden all year round or you want a practical maintenance free green space.

An increasing number of homeowners are now making the switch to artificial lawns, and ditching brown patchy grass and in favour of lush, green gardens. The best thing about them? They’re completely hassle free!

Whether you have made up your mind or are still unsure whether to have fake grass installed in your garden, or on your patio, roof terrace or balcony, there is no need to deliberate any longer.

Artificial Grass Direct are giving away FREE artificial grass samples. Transform your garden into a mud and hassle free haven that your kids & dogs will love. To order your free sample, simply get in touch.

We believe that having artificial grass installed is the best decision you can make and by choosing Artificial Grass Direct as your supplier you are ensuring you get the very best quality grass at the UKs lowest prices.

Natural grass has to be mown once or twice a week to keep it looking lush and green, however rest assured that mowing will be a thing of the past with fake grass.

Natural turf will only grow if it is regularly watered. Fake grass does not need to be watered so it will not grow, will not dry out, and will not be burned by the sun! With artificial grass in your garden, minimum maintenance means maximum enjoyment.

Request a free sample by having a look at which ranges we currently offer. Simply choose your favourite to see and feel our premium quality artificial grass before you buy.