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New Year, New Lawn

January is the start of a brand new year and your garden maybe looking a bit neglected – bare trees and not a flower in sight. However the New Year is the perfect time to get outside and to start updating your garden.

The lawn is the best place to start with your renovations and January is the perfect time to have an artificial lawn laid so that when the Spring arrives you have a fresh green lawn ready to enjoy. Artificial grass looks and feels like real grass, and will be lush and green all year round.

The benefits of switching to artificial grass are that once the lawn has been laid there is no maintenance – no more mowing, no more weeding, no more reseeding bald patches or treating with weed killers and fertilisers.  At last you will be able to enjoy sitting in your garden instead of working in it.

Artificial grass is safe for children and pets and they can play and enjoy being outside whatever the weather conditions. No more muddy feet trailing into the house. No bald patches in the lawn from children playing football or the dog digging holes

An Artificial lawn is also environmentally friendly because you will not be using a lawnmower or fertilisers any more. Both the petrol from your lawn mower and the fertilisers add harmful pollutants to the atmosphere. In fact the only equipment you will need to keep artificial lawn in perfect condition is a rake to remove fallen leaves in the autumn.

If you want a garden that needs little maintenance all year round and would like more information on the ranges of artificial grass we have available contact Artificial Grass Direct on: 0845 177 1664