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National Gardening Week (11-17th April)

“Make the most of your garden in National Gardening Week”

The Royal Horticultural Society launched National Gardening Week five years ago and since then it has become one of the biggest celebrations of gardening in the UK, with thousands of people and organisations like retailers, charities and heritage groups getting involved.

Throughout the country there will be events and activities for everyone to join in, but you can also plan your own event whether that is getting a group of friends together to tidy a local park, having a garden party or creating something special in your own garden to attract more wildlife. Here are a few suggestions taken from the National Gardening Week website to whet your appetite and inspire you to get involved:

  1. Build a compost heap

Building a compost heap is a positive way of reducing landfill and enriching your garden soil. Plus it provides shelter and food for masses of mini wildlife

  1. Make a log shelter

A log shelter made from dead and rotting wood is both home and food for various beetles, grubs and a vast army of other mini-beasts.  And they in turn, make a tasty snack for birds, hedgehogs and frogs.

  1. Plant a night-scented garden

There is nothing quite like the scent of flowers on a warm summer’s evening. Flowers that release their scent in the evening will also attract moths.

  1. Plant a tree

A research project at Sheffield University found that ‘large trees in a garden were the best predictor of the overall diversity of creatures in the garden’. As the tree matures it will attract more and more wildlife into your garden.

  1. Put in a pond

A pond is guaranteed to quickly attract wildlife of all sizes to your garden. It is particularly helpful to provide water for wildlife now ponds are disappearing from farmland.

For more information on National Gardening week and how you can get involved visit the following website;