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Met Office Warns of “Worst Winter for Decades”

With the Met Office warning us of ‘worst winter in decades’ and record breaking snow predicted for November, it’s looking unlikely that our lawns will survive into 2014.

While many natural grass garden owners will breath a sigh of relief at the thought of putting the lawnmower away for a few months, the bonus is short-lived as when the summer months come back around we realise that the snow, rain and low temperatures have rendered our gardens boggy, discoloured and generally unusable. This dull, brown, patchy turf is certainly a sorry sight after weeks of harsh winds, ice, snow and everything else the Great British weather throws at us but rather than sit around and wait for some decent weather, many of you are turning to synthetic lawns to brighten things up.

While natural grass can freeze and end up more like a concrete playing surface during the winter, artificial grass has the ability to retain its texture and stay looking fresh and green even in the lowest of temperatures – and even in contact with snow!

Maintenance of artificial turf during the winter is absolutely minimal and other than a quick brush, it will take care of itself all year round.

The advanced technology system also means that drainage is not a problem. When snow and ice melt into artificial turf, they filter easily through the surface, making sure all liquid drains through successfully so you’re not left with boggy puddles to splash through – and even better no muddy footprints traipsing indoors!

So while the weather warnings indicate that most of us will spend the next few months wrapped up indoors, make sure you’ve got one less thing to worry about this winter with artificial grass.