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Landscaping: The Future At It’s Best

The Future of Landscaping

Landscaping and Fake grass go hand in hand! Artificial grass has moved on leaps and bounds over the last 20 years and is no longer used for just sports surfaces. There has actually been a sharp increase in usage for key areas of landscaping due it becoming more affordable, the dramatic improvement of technology and the variety of artificial grasses.

We are receiving a huge amount of interest from the Professionals; Landscapers, Developers and Architects who are not just installing artificial grass for residential lawns but also roof gardens, terraces and balconies as well as commercial properties, local authorities and schools.

People are looking for inspirational, innovative and contemporary gardens which can be achieved by creating different textures and using artificial grass alongside or as an alternative to gravel, paving, decking or other hard surfaces.

For Schools it essential that the area is functional yet creative, so the use of coloured turf can really add new dimensions.

Whatever the project Landscapers have to consider factors like, children, pets, the entertaining needs and customer’s budget, and Artificial Grass is certainly worth considering when meeting these needs.

One not to miss:  An event for landscape contractors, designers and architects where industry leaders are going to sharing their knowledge of the future of landscaping.