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It will soon be Easter!

It will soon be Easter which means it’s a great time to start planning what you’re going to be doing for it. What better way to celebrate than an Easter egg hunt or perhaps just an Easter gathering.

Whatever you may do, using Artificial Grass may give your party the edge! We have a variety of grasses that are perfect for events, including a range of coloured grasses.


Greenscene is the perfect grass for events. It is bright in colour with a short pile at an extremely good price. You could create a bright Easter scene with Greenscene, either outdoors or indoors.


Although Snowblanket is a great grass for creating a festive scene, it may also be beneficial for your Easter parties. It is bright white with a short clipped pile.


We have an extensive range of coloured grasses which are amazing for creating a bright, fun space. You may want to get creative and make some shapes or graphics from the grasses.

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