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Is Your Lawn Suffering in the Shade?

Whether it’s a hedge, tree, wall or fence, some elements of our garden can throw areas of lawn into shade, leaving us with a dry, patchy, bald spot or an area of damp moss that simply won’t budge. Either way – our lawns could do without it!

While lawns don’t need vast amounts of sunshine to survive, it’s thought that at least 4 hours of sunlight will help them perform at their best.

Grass can be notoriously hard to please, but an area which receives very little sunlight may look particularly unhappy. Long periods in the shade can cause lawn grasses to become weakened, prone to disease and less resilient to wear and tear.

Battling with a shady lawn can become a time consuming and costly process but it’s one that you don’t have to endure – take action and replace your turf with artificial grass!

At AGD, many of our ranges have been developed to solve a whole host of garden problems, including areas of shade.

Unlike natural turf, artificial grass doesn’t rely on sunlight or watering to stay looking lush and green all year long, giving you as astonishing 20 years of green, gorgeous, maintenance free life.

For a real garden problem solver, look no further than AGD range Greenscape. The neatly clipped short pile and light brown thatch will provide your garden with a realistic, ‘recently mown’ look. Greenscape has been designed to be a great replacement for areas which have become unsuitable for growing natural grass.

When your grass is fighting a losing battle for sunlight, make the switch to artificial grass.

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