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Increase Beer Sales with Artificial Grass for Summer

For years, homes and businesses around the UK have installed artificial grass as a solution to a whole host of garden problems.

Now the hospitality industry is catching on to the attractive qualities of artificial grass. Pub entrances, beer gardens, and patio areas can all suffer from worn, muddy unkempt lawns, which can be off putting to potential customers, but with the year round green you get with artificial grass there is finally a reason for your customers to get out and enjoy the British summertime.

Not only will artificial grass reduce the maintenance cost for your business, it will greatly enhance areas that potential customers see when visiting your venue for the first time. The year round lush green appearance can look incredibly welcoming and well kept all through the year, regardless of the weather, encouraging punters to choose your local over the competition.

Our artificial grass incorporates many forms and pile heights, but for high traffic areas such as beer gardens we suggest using

  • AGD Supergrass
  • AGD Woodland Chase
  • AGD Olympic Gold

All ranges look and feel like real grass and your customers will love the natural softness, colour and texture or AGD turf. In fact it looks so convincing they may have no idea it’s artificial!

No maintenance means you have the time to spend doing the little things that really matter to your business, so to see the benefits of AGD yourself, simply get in touch with our sales team direct for a friendly, no obligation quote.