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How to Treat Your Lawn After Floods

Throughout the last few months, we have experienced a substantial amount of rain. If you have artificial grass and your neighbours do not, then you will have noticed the significant difference in how each garden has taken to the rain.

Artificial grass is designed so that rainwater is able to drain the water fast and move down the drainage system below the layer of artificial grass. The rainwater, therefore, is absorbed through the miniature holes placed throughout the artificial grass. If the rain downpour is extreme, then you may notice the water collecting on the surface. Do not worry, the water will disappear in due time and your grass will not be affected.

Grass on the other hand reacts differently to artificial grass. Water is absorbed into the soil and then gathers on top of the grass, resulting in puddles. If you walk on the grass afterwards you will notice that it has become muddy, and patches have formed. These patches are extremely hard to fill and the colour of your grass will have changed, which is why people resort to using fertiliser. This is not only time consuming, but the end result is also fairly disappointing.

If you have real grass at the moment, and you want to switch to artificial grass so that your garden will not look like it has throughout the last few months, then give us a call today. We understand how important gardens are to households, and we have so much faith in our artificial grass that we offer a five-year guarantee and our artificial grass has a life expectancy of 20 years.

A perfect garden that needs little maintenance could be yours. Now wouldn’t that be a great gift to yourself?