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How to Create the Perfect Family Garden

A garden can be both beautiful and family friendly, but it is essential to plan how you’re going to use it. Start by listing all the things your garden needs to do for your family requirements.

Below are some suggestions of things you might want to include:-

  1. Play area for children – a dedicated area where the children can have a playhouse, a climbing frame, a swing or other play equipment is essential. If there is one area in the garden for these larger items then it is easier to change the equipment according to the age of the children without disturbing plants.
  2. Adult area- just as the kids have their own area so should parents. A patio or deck can provide somewhere to eat or entertain friends or simply sit and relax. It is also a good spot to position the BBQ.
  3. Storage – outdoor furniture and play equipment needs to be stored outside when not in use, so a shed or garage is essential in any garden.
  4. Hard wearing Lawn – The best solution is an artificial lawn. It is durable, retains its look and is low maintenance. Plus the surface can be used all the year round without bringing muddy feet into the house.
  5. A covered area – this means the children can play outside whatever the weather.
  6. Wide Paths – provide a hard surface for riding bikes, scooters and roller skating at any time of year.
  7. Plants – Of course all gardens need plants and colour. However, in multi-function gardens, plants need to be chosen and planted sensibly. Plants should be robust and planted away from the children’s play area. Use raised beds, pots and hanging baskets to avoid plants being trampled on and use trellis and frames to grow plants vertically.
  8. Children’s planting area- most children are excited by growing their own plants, whether it be tomatoes they can eat or giant sunflowers that quickly grow taller than them.
  9. Wildlife area – a bog garden or a water feature will always attract insects, birds and animals into the garden.
  10. Casual seating – a garden bench or a hammock for quiet time to read a book.

Once you have your ‘garden must have’ list, sketch out a design to accommodate as much of it as possible. But always remember the garden should be a fun place.