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How Artificial Grass is Transforming the Transport Industry

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The accessibility and realistic nature of fake lawns have a multitude of beneficial uses for the transport industry, helping not only to prevent increasingly high numbers of bird strikes at airports but also providing roads across the world with long-lasting greenery whilst increasing the efficiency of local governments and councils.

Bird Strikes

Bird strikes occur when an airborne animal collides with a plane, either getting stuck in the engine or hitting the windscreen. There have been instances where aeroplanes have had to make emergency landings to check that their vessels are not damaged, making a terrifying experience for nervous passengers or first-time flyers.

Airport research in America estimated that there were over 10,000 reported instances of bird strikes last year along and that around 1.2 billion dollars are spent fixing commercial aircraft worldwide from bird strikes each year.

However, airlines are looking to combat the problem by replacing the natural grass surrounding runways with artificial grass.

The real grass that currently surrounds airports around the world naturally attracts birds that come to feed.

Installing artificial grass turf ensures that the landscape around the runway stays green whilst discouraging birds from inhabiting the area. This method of preventing bird strikes is set to reduce the problem significantly, helping to decrease the amount spent every year due to these instances occurring worldwide.

Traffic Control

Local councils and governments across the country are also choosing to go artificial thanks to its extensive range of benefits, including low maintenance and durability.

Fake grass is gradually being used more on British roads as a solution for cities lacking in greenery while saving money and manpower in the process.

Roundabouts, central reservations and traffic islands are all becoming increasingly popular sites for artificial grass, helping to cut down the amount of time spent by the council tending to them, decreasing the likelihood that any roads will be closed as a result of doing so.

Unlike natural patches of grass, artificial lawns require minimum effort when it comes to keeping them looking healthy. Councils will no longer have to worry about brown and unsightly patches along the road, as fake lawns only need to be checked once a year to ensure they are in optimum condition.

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