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Hay Fever Is On The Way!


Just what is going on with the weather? First we are told that in some areas there is a drought and now we are underwater with the floods, but when the floods subsides the environment becomes ideal for grass to grow and there will be a massive release of pollen.

Britain has over 15 million hay fever sufferers and if are you are one of them I can sympathise with you.  The sneezing, runny or blocked nose, itchy watery eyes and an itchy throat.

The first line of defence is to minimise contact with the allergen- artificial lawns is your answer, unless your set on staying inside!. For those who are allergic to grass pollen, avoiding time outside when pollen counts are high is helpful but maybe you need to think about a change in your own garden and this is as simple as changing your natural lawn to an artificial lawn.

Unfortunately this will not cure your hay fever but will certainly give some relief and in addition – low maintenance! No cutting the grass, trimming the edges and you will also be saving the time that this all takes.

Artificial lawns are the perfect way for you to enjoy your garden, not only during the summer but all year around with grass that is pollen free, looks fantastic and allows you to enjoy your garden all year long!


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