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Creating Green Spaces for Schools

Creating Green Spaces for Schools

Artificial Grass: It seems that everyone is “Going Green” and this also includes a number of schools and nurseries that we have supplied with artificial grass.

This is an investment but actually, when they did the sums the schools soon realised the huge cost savings that would be made.

Artificial turf is a low maintenance option so automatically there is saving on labour, fertilisers and watering.

It can transform the appearance of a school dramatically eliminating worn, bare areas or muddy and messy spots. This keeps both school floors and children’s uniforms clean.

In addition to having beautiful green spaces, there is also a safety element, fake grass is tactile and non- abrasive and underneath play equipment, a shock pad safety system can be used, meeting critical fall height regulations. has successfully transformed a number of schools making the playground accessible to play every day.

Tarmac playgrounds have been the cause of many accidents over the years. From broken wrists and ankles to cuts and scrapes, we protect our children from accidents completely but we can at least make the area they are playing on more accident friendly. Artificial grass has a soft surface with a sand layer below to act as a shock absorber. Shockpad is also available for under climbing frames to help prevent nasty potentially fatal falls!

Artificial Grass is by far the most ideal product for children, you won’t find anything as safe or as green!

A Green Clean Safe Scene!

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