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Gardening Jobs for September

September is a month where you start to notice the days getting shorter, the weather isn’t always good to us and it’s generally more windy and cold. So what can you do to make sure your garden over this slightly dull period?

This is a great month for vegetable and fruit enthusiasts as you can reap the rewards of your harvests after the warmer months. Top fruits such as apples and pears can now be harvested – take a look around under the tree to see which apples are ready. Make sure you test the taste and texture to check whether they are complete. Continue to sow vegetables for over winter which will mature next spring such as spinach, winter lettuce and turnip.

Due to the dip in the weather, this means you won’t need to water as much as the rain will be doing it for you – you also don’t have the added heat of the Summer months. You’ll need to continue to mow your lawn to stop it from becoming overgrown.

Another thing to consider is to put a net over ponds to prevent falling leaves bombarding it.

If you have any other hints and tips – get in touch to let us know!