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Gardening Jobs for July

Artificial Grass – Direct have put together a list of gardening jobs for July to keep you occupied throughout the month. July is a great time to spend in your garden, if the Great British weather behaves itself that is.

With the weather getting warmer, it is essential you keep up to date with your watering; whether this be your plants or lawn. With a warmer climate, delicate plants can soon droop and lawns can become brown and patchy. To ensure the brown patches stay at bay, you will also need to feed your lawn with a feed and weed fertiliser to give it the nutrients it needs to survive in the summer heat.

If you have a pond in the garden, July is a perfect time to make sure all the unwanted weeds are disposed of to save it getting out of hand moving into Autumn.

You will also notice an increase in bees throughout July – make sure your garden is a haven for bees with pollen rich flowers and also wildflowers. They love a mixture of colours and textures so mix it up a little to give them a wide variety. You may also find bees stunned or disorientated – a great tip to help them is to mix some sugar and water together for them to drink as it will help bring their energy levels back to normal so they can be on their way again.

Lawns can get out of hand in July if they aren’t regularly mowed, which is why Artificial Grass is a perfect solution. Request a free sample pack of our full range today.

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